Selecting the right Appraiser for your valuation needs is a very important decision. To determine true value you need more than just an Appraiser, you need one with the knowledge, education, skills and local market awareness to accurately develop value. We at What's It Worth Appraisal Services have over a decade of appraisal experience, offering prompt, professional services to our clients.

Whether you need an appraisal to purchase or refinance a home, determine market value of an existing home, or have any other valuation needs our professional Certified Appraisers can assist you.

Professional Real Estate Appraisal Services

Atlanta GA

Why order an Appraisal

  • Professional results
  • Skilled Personnel
  • Reliability
  • Prompt Service
  • Quality reports

  • Home purchase or refinance
  • Market value of current home
  • PMI removal
  • Pre and Post renovation
  • Tax purposes
  • Legal - Divorce, Estate, etc

Keys to Our Success